Well, well….what do I even say? Is it football season yet? The Tigers came out strong in the beginning but fall short *cough*as usual*cough*..  Strong offense in the first minutes of the game and, for the most part, in the first half. However, this wasn’t enough to stop Kennedy’s Rebels from winning at the Tad “Dump” Pad. 

This makes 4 straight SEC road games that Auburn has lost by a combine 20 points. They had an 11-point lead at 39-28 with over 15 minutes left but Ole Miss (15-9, 5-5) answered with a 14-0 run to get back in it.

"It was another one of those road games where we gave ourselves an opportunity so I am happy about that," said Auburn head coach Tony Barbee"We couldn't make the plays when it counted. We talk about it and work at it all the time. In those last four minutes of the game with the type of team that we are, we are not going to blow anybody out, and it is going to be possession games.”

"In those last four minutes when it comes down to getting defensive stops and executing, they did a better job of that than we did. That was the difference. In the last four minutes of the game, we couldn't get a good shot at the basket and they turned us over”

Yes coach, as “usual” you couldn’t finish strong.. hell you couldn’t finish half way through the second half. What is it going to take for Auburn to step up to the next level and “at least” get an invite to the NIT? 

I know the state of Alabama cares predominantly about football, but there comes a time when other sports need to be looked at. Even at the conference level as a whole, SEC needs to start thinking beyond football and dominate other areas.. aka Basketball and Baseball.. But that’s a WHOLE nother issue there and I don’t have enough beer to get into that…

Luckily Auburn is off for its middle of the week game, but unfortunately they have to come back home and play Mississippi State at 7pm Saturday night. Lord help us please when that big fat care bear Sidney comes into town. We need to either stuff him with some good food and Toomer’s Lemonade or get him arrested for punching someone in the face prior to game time to have a chance.

Never the less, War Damn Eagle!!