We warned you about this winning phenomenon that was about to sweep over SECJams on Mondays, and today we bring you the fourth. There are a lot of factors we considered before giving out this award each week. They include the following; magnitude of the story, the impact on the community, the impact to the university, and most importantly did the program, university, or person WIN.

This week’s award will be given to every school in the Southeastern Conference. The conference has deemed this week “We Back Pat Week” from January 15, 2012 to January 22, 2012. The SEC and its twelve members are showing their support in different ways this week to help Coach Summitt and her foundation that was created to support Alzheimer’s.

In case you have been in a cave, Tennessee’s legendary women’s basketball coach, Coach Summitt was diagnosed with early onset dementia in August. Pat Summitt has a long tenure in women’s basketball. She has a list of accolades that most people only dream about. She is a hall of famer, a teacher, a coach, a mother, the “winningest” coach in college basketball, a legend, and most of all a fighter. Summitt was diagnosed with dementia in August of this year, and she did the only thing she knew how to do. She released a statement saying “There’s not going to be any pity party and I’ll make sure of that.” That short sentence sums it up for one of the greatest coaches in basketball history. She decided she was going to stare it down with her steely blue eyes, and try to kick its ass.

November of this year Pat and her son Tyler started the Pat Summit Foundation, the first step of her kicking its ass. The Foundation will raise money for nonprofit organizations to research Alzheimer’s. It will also provide treatment and education for people and their families that are currently fighting Alzheimer’s.

So our hats are off to the entire Southeastern Conference, all twelve members and both Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams for supporting the Pat Summitt Foundation and drawing awareness to the disease this week. It does not matter if you bleed orange, blue, black and gold, red, red and black, maroon, crimson, orange and blue, garnet and black, purple and gold, or navy and red; you all know someone that has been affected with the disease in your life. So this week take time to support your university as they support the Pat Summitt Foundation, and as the SEC stands together as ONE and “We Back Pat”.

Send us your pictures as you and your universities are supporting Pat, and we will post them on our facebook page and create a picture show on the site of all of them. Send pictures to SECJams@gmail.com. All week will be “We Back Pat” on SECJams.com.

The game’s kicked off on Sunday January 15, 2012 with a full slate of Women’s basketball action, below is a list of the rest of this week’s games and when your team is Backing Pat.

Women’s Games

January 19, 2012

Alabama at Florida 7:00 PM

Vanderbilt at Arkansas 7:00 PM

South Carolina at Auburn 6:00 PM

Kentucky at Georgia 7:00 PM

LSU at Tennessee 7:00 PM

Mississippi State at Ole Miss 7:00 PM

January 22, 2012

Arkansas at LSU 2:00 PM

Auburn at Mississippi State 2:00 PM

Florida at Kentucky 2:00 PM

Georgia at Ole Miss 2:00 PM

South Carolina at Vanderbilt 12:30 PM

Men’s Games

January 17, 2012

Auburn at LSU 6:00 PM

Arkansas at Kentucky  9:00 PM

January 18, 2012

Tennessee at Georgia 8:00 PM

Mississippi State at Ole Miss 8:00 PM

January 19, 2012

Vanderbilt at Alabama 6:00 PM

January 21, 2012

Alabama at Kentucky  12:00 PM

South Carolina at Auburn  12:30 PM

Michigan at Arkansas  1:00 PM

Ole Miss at Georgia  4:00 PM

UConn at Tennessee  4:00 PM

LSU at Florida  6:00 PM

Mississippi State at Vanderbilt  6:00 PM