What is going on at Auburn? Auburn has not only lost their defensive coordinator Ted Roof this offseason, but they will be looking for a new offensive coordinator as well. Gus Malzhan will be leaving the university to take the head coaching position at Arkansas State. This time last year Malzahn turned down $3 million annually to be head man at Vanderbilt. Gus is taking roughly a $600,000 per year pay cut to leave Auburn. Both assistants are key members of the Auburn staff and the departures will throw up a huge red flag around the university. I am not sure what is going on there, but it might be a terrible nightmare for tiger fans. Signs point to a massive explosion that looks to be hitting the Auburn football program. There is no reasonable explanation to think that your Defensive and Offensive coordinators would leave for considerably lesser jobs in the same year. If I was a Tiger fan I would want answers and quickly. You have a program one year removed from winning the national championship and currently putting the finishing touches on a season that most experts would call a success. However, this is also a program that faced allegations of paying Cam Newton to play. The NCAA said they found nothing wrong in the Cam Newton recruitment, but maybe they caught smoke on something else in the program. Right now it is tough to put a finger on what is causing the departures but one thing that might be going is a NCAA investigation we don't know about. I do know, however, you do not lose two coordinators in the same year to considerably lesser jobs with irrelevant universities. There is something big looming on the plains, and it may not come out this week or next week, but there is a lot of smoke. They say where there is smoke there is fire, and I would say for the defending National Champions that program is blazing right now.