Saturday March 28, 1992, one of the greatest games that has ever been played took place at the Philadelphia Spectrum in front of 17,878 fans.

The mighty Duke Blue Devils led by Christian Laettner and the fresh off probation-Kentucky Wildcats, led by Freshman Jamal Mashburn, traded blow for  45 minutes, as 40 wouldn't be enough.

Trailing 102-101 Kentucky point guard Sean Woods would hit a running floater in the lane with 2.1 seconds remaining in overtime to put the Cats up by 1.  After a Duke timeout forward Grant Hill would heave a 75 ft. pass to Christian Laettner who would hit a turn around jumper in the lane as time expired, to push Duke on to the Final Four with a 104-103 victory.

20 years later and every Kentucky Wildcat fan in the world can tell you exactly where they were at when that shot went through.  Veteran ESPN columnist Gene Wojciechowski has written a book titled "The Last Great Game", which chronicles the events of that day.  Wojciechowski explores the whole game by telling it twice, once from each teams perspective. The Last Greatest Game is on sale now.