Tennessee's quarterback Tyler Bray put himself in the wrong situation this past Friday after him and his roommate were tossing beer bottles and golf balls at a car in the parking lot of their apartment complex. 

Bray and his roommate, 26-year Michael C. Grandinetti threw beer bottles and golf balls at the vehicle of 22-year old Bradi Hudson, leaving a cracked windshield and a dented roof on her 2008 Ford. Hudson awoke to the damage the next morning to find a note on her car with information on who did it. 

After contacting the individual, Kristi Allen, she was told it was Bray and his roommate. Allen called the E-911 phone number that night to say that two individuals, who later said was Bray and his roommate, were causing some vandalism to a random vehicle in the parking lot. 

Allen's car was later vandalized on Monday during the afternoon when she went into her apartment for a lunch break. The reported damage to her vehicle is $500. She believes it was in relation to the incident Friday night after telling the authorities about what happened. Since no one observed the vandalism, no charges will be filed in this incident. 

The interesting thing was Bray and his roommate were served an eviction notice before lunchtime that day. 

Is is a coincidence? It definitely seems plausible. 

At any event, this is certainly not the kind of attention your football program needs as the season draws near. Bray is a big part of turning around this Tennessee football program and he'll need to mature in order to be the right leader for the Volunteers.