Super Bowls are special, the greatest single game in any sport today.  There is so much attention, so much pressure, the games are impossible to predict.  Players step up that you never expect, and sometimes the stars melt under the lights and under perform.  This is a look back at some of my personnel favorites through the years.

Super Bowl 20:  The first Super Bowl I remember watching all the way through.  Bears have always been my #2 team.   Favorite moment:  Fridge lining up as a running back.  Bears 46 – Patriots 10

Super Bowl 23:  The first Super Bowl I ever won money on.  Thought I had a gift, but have won few since.  Favorite Moment: Ickey Shuffle.  49er’s 20 – Bengals 16

Super Bowl 31:  Was good to see Brett Favre win one.  Favorite moment:  Favre’s jubilant run off the field with the win.  Packers 35 – Patriots 21

Super Bowl 32:  Broncos overcome being the NFC’s punching bag.  Favorite moment:  Elway’s helicopter spin touchdown.  Broncos 31 – Packers 24

Super Bowl 34:  Hurt my heart to see Mississippian Steve (Air II) McNair lose by a touchdown, as Kevin Dyson is tackled on the 1 yard line.  The image of him futilely reaching out for the endzone is still burned in my mind.  Rams 23 – Titans 16

Super Bowl 38:  Tom Brady and the Pats hang on to win a halftime blowout.  Favorite moment:  Janet Jackson.  Patriots 32 – Panthers 29

Super Bowl 41: Peyton gets his one (and only?).  Favorite moment:  Rex Grossman not being rewarded for being a terrible QB.  Colts 29 – Bears 17

Super Bowl 42:  ELI!!! Following in Peyton’s footsteps, Eli Manning’s comeback win sparks the endless debate.  (Eli)te or not?  Giants 17 – Patriots 14

Super Bowl 44:  The Saints, Fool!  Can you dig it?  Best Super Bowl ever for so many in the deep south.  Want to be the man? You have the beat the man (Peyton) #whodat  Saints 31 – Colts 17 

Super Bowl 46 prediction?  It will come down to the Giants defense versus Tom Brady.  Can the D-line get pressure on the QB?  The Giants don’t want to get into a shoot out.  Giants 28 – Patriots 20. 

Feel free to comment and add your own Super Bowl memories below.