Derek (Lefty). Texas A&M is the new kid on the block, and Derek is here to use his expertise and sarcasm on all things Texas A&M to help us understand the new guys. He has a degree in Natural Resource Management that he is determined not to use in order to avoid being labeled a hippie, despite living in Austin. Derek was raised in an all Aggie family in Houston with his grandfather, mother, and sister also attending the school. He is a huge fan of college basketball, and will serve as our virtuoso on Aggie football, basketball, recruiting, opinions, fan interviews, and basically everything else. His hobbies are anything that involves sports, watching movies that don’t suck, laughing at stupidity, and spending time with his wife that is seriously like an 11 out of 10. We know the Aggies are the new weird kid in our club, so check in with Derek to find out more. He pisses excellence, so be careful. Follow him on Twitter @DerekAggie06.