Blake "Blizzy" Schlarb was born and raised to worship the Missouri Tigers, and since they are the newcomers to the best conference in America he is here to educate you on everything you need to know about Mizzou. Even though he has yet to graduate high school, this young buck knows everything there is to know about sports, and particularly in the college realm. His plan is to go to the University of Missouri next fall and major in journalism. Blake currently resides in Trenton, Missouri which is an hour and a half northeast of Kansas City. If you want to challenge him in a round of golf, go ahead at your own risk, this man is a scratch golfer and WILL take your money. Although he does not wear his sunglasses at night, there is a bright future ahead of this aspiring writer. Still hates kU, with a passion. He loves females in yoga pants, and preaching the good word of all things Mizzou. Follow on Twitter @SEC_Missouri