To our loyal followers and the people who just randomly look at the site, we would like to inform you that the SECJams Radio Network is Coming! This is a scary thought for most of you; to think that somebody is giving these guys and gals a microphone and a radio show. I would be scared too. The writers at SECJams have come in like a herd of Honey Badgers, just taking what they want since the inception of the site. Now, it will be taken to the next level with a Radio Network to get the word and passion of the SEC to the people.

The shows can be heard on BlogTalkRadio, it is a wonderful site for streaming live radio shows.

The lineup will include the following shows:

“Bros’ Going Hard” ~ The Official Radio Show of Hosted by TooToo and WillisFranklinIII

"BamaGentleman's Champions in Crimson: A True Gents Look at All Things University of Alabama Athletics" ~ The Radio Show for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Hosted by the BamaGentleman.

“Black and Goldshlager” ~ The Radio Show for the Vanderbilt Commodores. Hosted by HunterT.

“The Gator Zone” ~ The Radio Show for the Florida Gators. Hosted by Michael Dees

“Make it Rain Sports” ~ The Radio Show for Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Auburn. Hosted by NotJoeLeeDunn, Carbo, and Acey.

“Around Aggieland” ~ The Radio Show for Texas A&M. Hosted by Derek LaFitte.

“The PigPen” ~ The Radio Show for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Hosted by Phillip Marks.