We would like to welcome a new member to the SECJams family. Chris Pennington (BamaGentleman) comes to SECJams to fulfill his destiny as the voice of the all-powerful Bama Nation. Chris was born, raised, and resides in Birmingham,Alabama. However, he did take a 4 year sabbatical from Birmingham to attend the Capstone (that’s the University of Alabama for all of you un-educated minions out there) to pursue his degree in history and political science with a particular focus on the four fathers (Jim, Jack, Evan, and Johnnie). Among Chris’ greatest hobbies are post-grad fratting, loving everything to do with theUniversityofAlabamaand its sports team, and convincing beautiful women why they should also loveAlabama. Chris is also a proud supporter of his little sister, who is currently attending Bama and who has the huge responsibility of being his DD on game weekends (love you sissy). Keep your eyes out for Chris as he spreads the gospel ofAlabamathroughout SECJams. You can also follow Chris on Twitter @BamaGentleman along with @SECJams.