The recent rulings on Penn State University in regards to the Jerry Sandusky situation has opened up the minds of a lot of current, and potential, recruits when it comes to enrolling at Penn State.

One such recruit is quarterback commitment Christian Hackenberg. He was the South Carolina Gamecocks' main target at quarterback in the 2013 recruiting class. He had high interest in the university before ultimately choosing Penn State. The Gamecocks moved on and found another highly-touted quarterback in Connor Mitch.

Fast forward to now and reports are indicating that Hackenberg may indeed decide to look around and the first two schools he would call are South Carolina and Auburn, according to Mike Ferrell of

The major question is will either school listen? Both universities have commitments from four-star recruits like Mitch for South Carolina and Jeremy Johnson for Auburn. Both are considered pro-style, like Hackenberg, so they are all similarly skilled athletes.

If you are South Carolina or Auburn, do you listen? It's hard to say no to someone as talented as Hackenberg but both schools already have a high number of commitments for the class of 2013.

This is likely a situation that will be very fluid over the next few days but expect a free-for-all when it comes to any player that is connected to Penn State at this time. Hackenberg could very well end up at either SEC school, but for now, he remains committed to Penn State.