Tuesday Power Polls

Today will start the eleventh edition of the weekly SECJams tradition of the Power Polls. We’ll give you the power rankings of whatever we feel like that week. Basketball during basketball season, football during football, we might even rank the hotness of SEC girls in the crowd. This weekly poll will be the talk of your friends. The eleventh edition of the power poll will be SEC men's basketball teams from top to bottom.

SEC Men’s Basketball

1. Kentucky (28-1) (14-0) – Kentucky became regular season champions on Saturday after beating the Dores’. (Previous Week #1)

2. Florida (22-7) (10-4) – The Gators took a terrible loss on the road to UGA, but will hold on to the two spot. (Previous Week #2)

3. Vanderbilt (20-9) (9-5) – Vandy played the Cats tough on the road, but couldn’t find a way to win. (Previous Week #3)

4. Alabama (19-9) (8-6) – The Tide is rolling and have won three straight. (Previous Week #5)

5. Tennessee (16-13) (8-6) – Tennessee has only lost one game in the month of February. (Previous Week #6)

6. Mississippi State (19-10) (6-8) – The Bulldogs are falling in the polls quickly with five straight losses. (Previous Week #4)

7. LSU (17-11) (7-7) – The Tigers were moving up until a bad loss to the Rebels holds them steady at seven. (Previous Week #7)

8. Arkansas (18-11) (6-8) – The Baby Hogs have been struggling, but found a way to get a road win at Auburn. (Previous Week #8)

9. Ole Miss (16-12) (6-8) – The Rebels are Jekyll and Hyde, but beat LSU handily on Saturday. (Previous Week #9)

10. Georgia (13-15) (4-10) – The Bulldogs are coming off their biggest win of the season over Florida. (Previous Week #11) 

11. Auburn (14-14) (4-10) – The Tigers are struggling with only two wins in February. (Previous Week #10)

12. South Carolina (10-18) (2-12) – South Carolina is struggling to find ways to win. (Previous Week #12)