Here it comes… today is the day… Tiger (17-12, 7-8)  vs Tiger (14-15, 4-11), never the less, WAR DAMN EAGLE…


Today is the last road game for LSU and a must win for them to have a NIT invitation, but will they make it? After a hard fought loss against Tennessee what gas does LSU have left in the tank? The reality is with Auburn’s up and down season it’s more than likely that LSU will pull this one out.

Yes I’m for my Tigers at all times, but I’m also not a delusional fan either. The Tigers have struggled all year, even with some great plays and players. The truth is they are still trying to build a basketball program in a state that doesn’t give two nickels about bball in the first place.

What should you see today? Who knows, Vegas is giving LSU the win but not by much, howeverAuburnmay pull out all the cards for last season game!