Scot Loeffler is coming to Auburn..............well good lord this could go two ways... Down south even further in offense problems or a new direction?   But seriously, what will be different? Gus was a good OC, Loeffler is good, but he brings the Tebowish crap too... This is ALABAMA (the actually state, not those douchess to the west of us) football... SPREAD Offense is not what we do! Come on it was good with Cam but we are not getting another Cam anytime soon, not to mention defense has a long way to go as well.

What will Loeffler say in his press conference in the morning that we haven't heard someone else already say over and over again?  He does have an up and coming career rolling along but will he be able to compete in the SEC again and more importantly in the STATE of Alabama? Maybe he will be like Chiz where people doubted and BOOM we're NC...

Let's see what he has to say and then he's off to the races in recruiting...





Loeffler History:

Started his collegiate coaching career at Central Michigan from 2000-2001, then 6 yrs as the quarterbacks coach at Michigan.

Detroit Lions’ quarterbacks coach in 2008

QB coach at Florida 2009-2010

Head Coach at Temple 2011