The Life of a Rockstar 

LSU's punter is experiencing something that no other punter in the country is experiencing. He is living the life of a rockstar in the state of Louisiana and around the southeast. Brad Wing, who is from Melbourne, Australia  is the freshman punter at Louisiana State University. To go out on a pretty sturdy limb, I would say going to Baton Rouge was culture shock to the young man. The rockstar came to the states on a student exchange program, where he attended Parkview Baptist in Baton Rouge. He started punting for the high school team, and the journey to LSU began from there. He played Aussie rules football back home in Melbourne, and his dad was punter in the NFL Europe for the Scottish Claymore team. So, to this rockstar punting is in his genes. Wing might be themost well known punter in all of college football, and it may go back to his touchdown that was unfairly called back against the Florida Gators. The 52 yard scamper was not a called play, but more of the freshman seeing what the defense had given him. It was also the first touchdown ever called back from the new unsportsmanlike conduct celebration penalty. It was a bogus call, but that call was the start of the LSU punter's Rockstar fame. I would still like to know how many Fosters that Wing celebrated with, after his moment and the win over the Gators. I am guessing it was over 6 oil cans. However, that was not the punters only moment to solidify his rockstar status. The next was against Alabama, where Wing came in and punted a 72 yard, career long punt from the nine yard line. This change of field position led to overtime and the game winning field goal for the tigers. The most recent play came after a roughing the kicker penalty in the SEC championship game. The Aussie was hit by a UGA player and proceeded  to get up and run down the two UGA players celebrating. I am just guessing, but he was not telling them, "good game!" We reached out to the punter for this story, but we were not able to reach him. There are so many more questions I would like to have the Aussie answer. For now, he will still be the mysterious Aussie punter, and this might be the biggest reason that he is a rockstar. As long as the Aussie is punting for the Tigers, you can bet two things are happening: Fosters are being served all over Baton Rouge and the rockstar will still be's favorite player in the SEC.