Tuesday Power Polls

Today will start the eighth edition of the weekly SECJams tradition of the Power Polls. We’ll give you the power rankings of whatever we feel like that week. Basketball during basketball season, football during football, we might even rank the hotness of SEC girls in the crowd. This weekly poll will be the talk of your friends. The eighth edition of the power poll will be SEC men's basketball teams from top to bottom.

Week 8: SEC Men’s Basketball

1. Kentucky (23-1) (9-0) – Kentucky is still rolling winning 15 straight. (Previous Week #1)

2. Florida (19-4) (7-1) – Florida had a big win against Vanderbilt for their 7th straight win. (Previous Week #2)

3. Mississippi State (18-5) (5-3) – State split the week with a loss to Florida and a win against Auburn. (Previous Week #4)

4. Vanderbilt (16-7) (5-3) – Vanderbilt has lost two straight to Arkansas and Florida. (Previous Week #3)

5. Alabama (15-7) (4-4) – Alabama is playing better and have won two straight. (Previous Week #7)

6. Ole Miss (14-8) (4-4) – The Rebels are coming off a loss to Alabama to drop them a spot. (Previous Week #5)

7. Arkansas (16-7) (4-4) – The Hogs just need to stay at home as they are still searching for a road win. (Previous Week #6)  

8. Tennessee (11-12) (3-5) – The Vols were routed by the Cats, and bounced back at home against UGA. (Previous Week #8)

9. LSU (13-9) (3-5) – LSU grabbed a big home win against Arkansas on Saturday. (Previous Week #9)

10. Auburn (13-10) (3-6) – Auburn took a tough loss to State to finish their week. (Previous Week #10)

11. Georgia (10-12) (1-7) – The Bulldogs are just flat out bad. (Previous Week #11) 

12. South Carolina (10-12) (1-7) – The Gamecocks are just as bad as Georgia. (Previous Week #12)