Playoffs!! Round 2!!

Time for what many argue is the greatest weekend during the entire NFL Playoffs, the divisional round. Those power teams that got byes last week all host teams that either won impressively or dramatically (were looking at you Tim Tebow) during the wild card round. So how does the SEC stack up in these contests this weekend you ask? How about 70 for SEC players on the 8 active rosters, led by a whopping 15 Tennessee Vols. The Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots both have 12 SEC players on their rosters, is it just a coincidence they are the #1 seeds in each conference? I don't think so.

Who to watch? Well let's go in order. Saturday's game puts the New Orleans Saints on the road at the San Francisco 49ers. Notable players for each team include Robert Meachem and Jabari Greer, both from Tennessee, for the Saints; and Parys Harrelson (Tennessee) and Patrick Willis (Mississippi) for the 49ers. Anybody that watched the Saints domination of the Lions last week realized the impact Meachem and Greer have for the Saints. Willis and Harrelson are 2 mainstays in the 49ers defense which was the main reason for the success of the team during the 2011 season. The Saturday nightcap sees the Broncos, and we’ll start and end with Tebow (Florida), vs the Patriots whose players to watch include Aaron Hernandez, Brandon Spikes (both Florida), and Jerod Mayo from Tennessee. The SEC players to watch in Sunday's early game Houston at Baltimore are generally on the O and D Lines. For Houston Alabama’s Antoine Caldwell and Kareem Jackson are notable players to watch as well as Tennessee's Arian Foster. For Baltimore, Mississippi's Michael Oher and Bama's Terrance Cody look to dictate what happens in the trenches. Finally, Giants at Packers; Eli Manning is the cornerstone of the Giants team just as he was at Ole Miss. Tennessee alums and natives will be key for Green Bay. UT lineman Scott Wells and Chad Clifton are paramount to the success of that packer offense and former Kentucky Wildcat Randall Cobb just always seems to make big plays with the ball in his hands. So enjoy watching the playoffs, and remember the SEC is central part of what you’re watching.




New Orleans Saints- 7


San Francisco 49ers- 8


Denver Broncos- 10


New England Patriots- 12


Houston Texans- 7


Baltimore Ravens- 8


New York Giants- 6


Green Bay Packers- 12




Alabama- 9


Arkansas- 6


Auburn- 5


Florida- 7


Georgia- 6


Kentucky- 3


LSU- 7


Mississippi- 4


Mississippi State- 4


South Carolina- 4


Tennessee- 15