Remember when you were a kid and it was Friday after school and it was the weekend and you had visions of an awesome two days off? You had friends and didn't know what to do so you asked around. You found out which situation fit your needs the best.

You may have told little Bobby all week long you would play video games with him but if little Johnny was going camping or to an amusement park and invited you that Friday - then you would say screw you Bobby. Pour Bobby then would proceed to tell you how unfair you were, not a friend and so forth.  Even as a kid you were developing skills to put yourself in the best case scenario at that point and time for your little ole life.

The same can be said in the now year long drama fest that is college football recruiting.

Starting now until next February, kids will take in junior days, camps, visits and the likes - trying to decide where they want to spend the next four to five years of their lives. 

The same can be said for the coaches as they try and build relationships with recruits, their families and high school coaches. Its a total crap shoot for coaches around the country and coaches are showing more and more their displeasure when a kid says yes then turns around and says no thanks because I'm going camping with little Johnny instead.

Take Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin who just recently made the comments in front of a group of Vanderbilt supporters — and some thought they were specifically directed at UGA signee Josh Dawson. The defensive end fromTuckerHigh School flipped to the Bulldogs on signing day after being committed to Vanderbilt since last summer.

Franklin said, "I think the biggest thing is when a kid commits to Vanderbilt, I go into great detail and make sure they understand what they’re doing – that they understand ‘commitment’ and ‘what commitment means.’ That I’d say if five other schools come in and offer you, would you change your mind? We make sure everybody is on the same page: the kid, the parents, and the high school coach. We explain it in real detail. I would just rather a kid not commit to us than commit and not be completely sure what he’s going to do. When you lose a kid, it hurts your heart. You feel bad, like all college coaches do, because you feel like your institution is the best possible place for that kid. So when you lose them, it hurts.

Franklin went on to as so much say when a kid does that they have no honor.

In the Big Ten where there has supposedly always been a "gentleman's agreement" in recruiting, this past year Urban Myer flat out ignored the unspoken rule and reeled in several big names to Ohio State as he flipped eight kids over a two month span.  Just some back ground on the agreement. Big Ten coaches say if a kid commits to said school, other coaches need to respect that commitment and back off that kid and not continue to recruit him. 

When asked about the agreement Myer blasted the other coaches by saying,  “It’s nonsense,” Meyer said. “First of all, there’s no agreement. And then a kid has the right to go to school wherever he wants. If a kid is interested in a school, he has the right to go look at that school — and that will never change."

MichiganState’s Mark Dantonio said it was “unethical” to try to poach another school’s commitments but later said his statements were “completely taken out of context.” Wisconsin’s Bret Bielema was so hot and bothered by the situation that he picked up the red hotline phone by his desk to speak directly with Meyer.

Note to all who follow and participate - recruiting is a dirty dirty business. This is not your boys and girls clubs of America.  These are multi-million dollar businesses (yes these teams are a business) looking to inject new life into their businesses year after year and they will go to any links to do it. 

The kids know they are coveted, so they are looking for the best situation to help "fill" their needs.  You don't believe me?  Just ask around.

Cecil Newton was quoted as saying during his son's recruitment (Cam Newton) that his son would not go to Mississippi State and be a rented mule.

For what ever reason recruits have now become more laxed in talking about the process and what they need and want.  We all know that there are rumors of deals and under the table packages but some of these kids now openly talk about it - be it in an interview, or social media.

Take Auburn  cornerback Jermaine Whitehead who signed with the Tigers last year.  Everyone in the state of Mississippi remembers Whiteheads recruitment. It was back and fourth between Mississippi Sate, Ole Miss then Auburn came in the last minute to sign Whitehead - who publicly came out and called it a business decision.

We won't focus on that comment to much but you see where I am going.  This thing that's called recruiting is anything but a gentlemen's game and if you think otherwise - you are in for a rude crude awakening.  Just like James Franklin and the rest of the Big Ten.