This is a guest article from my compadre Carlos (@justagigilo).  SECJams or myself are in no way responsible for the content hereof or his twitter content that you no doubt feel compelled to partake.

Hola from #makeitrainsports

If we started in the 1930s, we would have been the Marx brothers. If we started in the 1970s, you would watch MIRS, instead of ESPN. Instead, we started in the 2010's and you get a twitter and facebook page (which are still open for advertising and sponsors, by the way).

#makeitrainsports (#MIRS) has become the bane of existence of sports personalities from the local morning talk show to the twitter wars with Scott Van Pelt during Sportscenter.  The phrase was coined by myself, but evermore developed and driven by Ray (@notjoeleedunn) and all our great friends who were looking for a similar outlet.

What started as a small group of friends on twitter has grown into a 24/7 sports roundtable of fans from Arizona to Florida to Boston.  Still with strong MS Sports/SEC slant, #MIRS represents the "every-man," the true fan; the guy drinking lite beer and putting ketchup on everything.  The guys who may never attend a Superbowl but would rather watch the game anyway with his buds.

Teaming up with SECJams further expands our goals and expectations, and we are excited to see where this goes. Like most projects, you tend to set your goals too low. My original, end all, be all, prayer, was to film a #MIRS used car commercial with @tiffanyboyte (she never responds to me anymore). But now I can set a much higher goal, to get press passes to Olemiss games (reach for the stars kids, you might just get the moon).

Thanks to SECJams and get ready for a wild ride.

In the words of Billy Madison, “That puppy was a dog…but the industry…that was a revolution”.  Viva la revoluticiones!!!