Conference Realignment

Conference Realignment is hitting the landscape of college football again. With the regular season coming to an end, allow us clear up the mass confusion of who is playing where next year, at least the best it can be done. What we know is Syracuse and Pittsuburg are joining the ACC that exact date is in limbo. The Big 12 has added TCU and West Virginia, both originally slated to be playing in the Big East next season. To stir the madness a little more, this week the Big East has announced additions of Boise State, San Diego State, Houston, SMU, and UCF with Navy still a possibility. I know, it's ludicrous to think of a school from San Diego or Boise, Idaho in a conference titled the Big East. The SEC added two schools as well in Texas A&M and Missouri. At the time the two were added most people thought that the SEC was crazy for adding the two based on geography and the number of quality teams that seem to fit the profile closer to home. The other school of thought was why does the best conference in the country need to ruin their tradition by adding two mediocre schools from the Big 12. The truth being, change was inevitable and the SEC knew that, instead of going to the other coast looking for teams it went back in history, realizing Texas A&M and Missouri both belonged in the SEC. That History goes back to the Civil War were Texas fought for the Confederacy and Missouri, like Kentucky, was neutral in the war. Both States have history that dates back to the South, and both schools have great traditions that date back as well. Texas A&M brings great traditions to the SEC like the 12th man, Kyle Field, GiG Em Aggies, a dog named Reveille, and Yells. Missouri adds a lot of traditions that most SEC fans know nothing about. Missouri has the Tiger Walk and Prowl, a fight song "Old Missouri" that dates back to 1895, and Homecoming. Yes I did say Homecoming, Missouri was the first school to have an official Homecoming to welcome back alumni. These traditions might not roll off the tongue like the words Houndstooth, War Eagle, UGA the bulldog, the Groove, Cowbells, Rocky Top, the Gator Chomp, and Death Valley, but twenty years ago calling the Hogs and the Cockaboose meant nothing to SEC fans either. It just shows that over time the great traditions these two universities bring with them will be cherished as well. I can see it now Reveille being a rival to smokey and UGA, and Old Missouri being hated by others in the conference just as Rocky Top is. All loyal fans of the SEC should be thankful that these additions were made without ignoring history.