The Honey Badger vs Charles Woodson; why the Badger deserves the 77th Heisman more than Woodson ever deserved the 63rd 

Tyrann  Mathieu is not only the best player in the SEC but the most outstanding player in college football. It would take a huge upset for him to win the trophy this Saturday. Charles Woodson's win in 1997 was an upset to most and sent a seismic shock wave through the state of Tennessee when his name was announced. That kinda of upset is not expected this time around, but if ever there was a defensive season to win the trophy it was this one Mathieu had, not the one in 1997. The Honey Badger's stats this season are flat out better than those for Charles Woodson. Mathieu's stats are some what impressive; 71 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2 interceptions, 5 forced fumbles,  4 touchdowns. For those of you who still do not believe, just relive ESPNs top ten throughout the college football season and you will find the Honey Badger all over the highlights. Woodson's Heisman numbers do not even compare to the Honey Badger, but here they are for non-believers; 40 tackles, 1 sack, 6 interceptions, and accumulated a huge 402 offensive yards with 3 touchdowns. The main problem for Honeys Badger's case is the fact you have two big name QBs and a big name RB in Trent Richardson all projected ahead of him. He also does not have Keith "Big Ten" Jackson all over the national media helping his cause as Woodson did in 1997. The Honey Badger had a great year, especially for a sophomore, but he will not have the same luck Woodson did in 1997. It doesn't change the fact that Mathieu deserves a Heisman more than the one Woodson took home in 1997. There should be no worries from the other Heisman Finalists about Mathieu's appearance in New York. Realistically he has no chance to overtake the top three candidates, but the Honey Badger does take what he wants, that fact alone scares me enough to think maybe there is a chance on Saturday night.

In case you have been in a cave and do not know where the Honey Badger came from the YouTube video is attached.