Tiger Woods once said "Hello World" and now to steal one from Tiger, SEC Jams would like to say... "Hello World". You have read our first articles and if you haven't, you really should. But we would like to take the time to introduce our company and writers to you. SECJams.com was founded in 2010, like every great American idea in your local watering hole. SECJams was created by 4 guys that believe we know more, and have more to say about SEC sports than the rest of the world can imagine. We all know this is not true but its fun believing it. SECJams is the fans voice of SEC sports, our opinions, and your opinions, if there is ever a topic you want to discuss let us know. We will cover any and everything about the SEC that needs to be reviewed, discussed, debated, or any other word you want to use. Over the next few months SECJams will be looking to expand. The SEC is such a big conference with so much going on we want every team to have a voice on our site. If you think you have the class, humor, spirit, and knowledge to be a blogger for SECJams let us know we would love to hear from you. The guys who write this stuff you love to read. Todd (TooToo) Wakefield TooToo is a featured columnist on the site and the COO of this wonderful site. TooToo is a washed up golf professional who says he is just living the dream. He spends his days covered in blue dye and chemicals at the local Country Club, and the rest of his time wondering what he is going to write about next. He has a degree from the University of Tennessee in Recreation and Leisure studies (Yes kids, it is as cool as it sounds). TooToo's loves are The University of Tennessee, Golf, Rickie Fowler, and of course his wife (sorry ladies). Will (Willis Franklin III) Hamill Willis is a featured columnist on the site and the CEO of SECJams. Willis is a full time student, and when we say full time, we mean full time. He is in the Van Wilder school of Engineering from the University of Tennessee (degree pending). Willis spends his day dreaming of graduation, washing golf carts, and thinking about how much he hates other sports writers. Willis has a love for the Tennessee Volunteers, the SEC (minus the rest of the schools in it), Neon Moons, Golf, Weezy, and a mild obsession with hating the Georgia Bulldogs. If you think you have what it takes to be added to this staff let us know, we are always looking for wonderful writers.