We warned you about this winning phenomenon that was about to sweep over SECJams on Mondays. There are a lot of factors we consider before giving out this award each week. They include the following; magnitude of the story, the impact on the community, the impact to the university, and most importantly did the program, university, or person WIN.

This week’s WINNING will go to the University of Georgia Men’s Basketball Team. Georgia picked up their fourth conference win over the #11 Florida Gators at home in Athens, GA. The Gators have been on the losing end of this article on three different occasions now. The first two to came thanks to Tennessee and the third thanks to the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs our arguably one of the worst teams in the SEC, and should not have anything to play for right? Well the answer to that question is, wrong. The Bulldogs came out strong against the Gators, and never trailed in the game. For most of the second half the Bulldogs had a double digit lead over Billy Donovan’s squad who drops to 22-7 on the year. It might have been some revenge for the Bulldogs who got beat by 22 to the Gators in Gainesville earlier in the season.

It was revenge that was on the mind for the Bulldogs as five players finished the game in double figures, and at the helm was freshman Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Pope who averages 13.9 points per game, had 18 points and five rebounds to lead the Bulldogs in scoring. Pope was followed by senior Gerald Robinson’s 15 points and five rebounds to help lift the Bulldogs to a win.

For the Gators and Head Coach Billy Donovan it had to be a tough loss to swallow has the Bulldogs sucked all the life out of his team who played emotionless on the road. The Bulldogs who are a more physical team bullied the frontcourt of the Gators, and held them to a combined 10 points. Coach Donovan will have to fix this if he wants his team to make a NCAA tournament run.

It was a big win for Georgia Coach Mark Fox and his ongoing rebuilding process. Fox in his third year at Georgia needed this win to build on for next year.  It has been a disappointing year for the Bulldogs who are just a year removed from playing in the NCAA Tournament. This year it will take winning the SEC tournament for the Bulldogs to get in, but we have seen it happen before in 2008.