The news at Penn State was eye opening across the college football landscape. 

It also was eye opening for head coaches as the opportunity to recruit Penn State players was an option as part of the punishment handed by the NCAA. Players are allowed to transfer and play right away without any penalty whatsoever. 

So, as expected, schools started calling. Georgia was a school mentioned early Monday after the sanctions were released as a school that was considering contacting Penn State about recruiting current players. 

Move forward to Friday and Georgia released a list of players they intended to recruit from Penn State. DawgNation on ESPN was able to obtain the list of players that included some big names including running back Silas Redd. 

Shortly thereafter, Mark Richt released a statement that said this:

"Currently, Georgia is not pursuing any of Penn State's football players, and we wish Coach (Bill) O'Brien and the players the best."

So which is it? 

The initial stories from the Bulldog nation appeared to be that Georgia was openly approaching the recruitment of Penn State players, but now, it seems that they will back off. 

Does this mean Georgia won't recruit Penn State players? Probably not. The most likely scenario is Georgia will wait and see if they are contacted by any football players from Penn State and take it from there. 

It's probably a wiser move as it doesn't look like you are taking advantage of a tough situation but you won't turn down a player who openly recruits themselves to your school. 

Northwestern and Wisconsin have stepped in with the Bulldogs who said they won't recruit Penn State players.