Well before I started to write I'm having a hard time concentrating after seeing @SECJAMS cock photo in this article..  This would be a rarity that I would say "Nice cock you got there"...?

Check if out afterwards --> http://secjams.com/articles/the-cocks-are-winning 

As my other counterparts will probably write about football recruiting I’m not even attempting that… recruiting for me is such a waste of time to keep up with. Why do grown a%$ men worry night and day about some, dumb as a stump*, 18yr old and where he’ll be attending? Yes I do get the importance of it, but let the professionals worry about that.. AKA Chiz and Scott, etc. You message board warriors (MBW) really need to get off the computer and work on your , so called, big boy jobs.

Rant off…

Onto Basketball for the Tigers, or lack their of. AU Tigers (12-7, 2-5) can’t seem to get it together during SEC play. They win one, they loose one.. You beat a marginal team (Ole Miss 14-7, 2-4) in Double OT then turn around and loose to LSU (12-9, 2-5) in OT. After watching the Tennessee (10-11, 2-4) game, I think we are finally seeing the problem here… wanna guess what that is………wait for it……FUNDAMENTALS!!! that’s right Rebounds and Shooting. Those darn things will get you every time. Gee, who da thunk right?

Even after the Tennessee game Coach Barbee had this to say, “We didn’t do either well tonight. We defended well enough to win the game, but when you get out rebounded by 23 rebounds and you only shoot 30 percent from the floor, you’re not going to win many games… on the road or at home.” Well coarch (yes I meant to spell it like that), looks like we need to get back to the basic huh? I mean Tennessee had one player, ONE player (Maymon) alone that accounted for 19 rebounds on the night alone and AU can’t do that with the post players combined.

But none the less now we move on to the Georgia (10-10, 1-5) game on Wednesday, which Auburn will play host to. What can we expect? I would say at least a win from this team for GA, they do not seem to be gelling well at this point, not to see we are either but our record is a little better…again, no braggin

If AU doesn’t get it I gear fast, and I mean fast, it looks like the season will come to an end by March 3rd (if not sooner), but there has been stranger things happen right? I mean it is basketball right?

Until next time…. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!

*dumb as a stump is a relative term used for all athletes whether they’re really dumb or not, don’t get your panties in a wad.. UNLESS you’re a Bammer athlete and yeaop your pretty much an idiot.. WDE..