SEC Placing Coordinators all over the Country. The recent departure of Gus Malzhan from Auburn got me thinking; this is another great sign of the dominance of the SEC around the country. Most college football fans outside the Southeast believe that the media has over-hyped the dominance of the SEC and college football.  But we, in the southeast look at the facts. The SEC has won the last five National Championships, and is guaranteed a sixth this year. The sixth is guaranteed by somewhat of a controversial BCS final ranking that placed Alabama over Oklahoma State in the BCS championship game. Critics believe that the media was the determining factor in this as they tout the SEC as the best conference in the country. Others that know football, know that the SEC is just simply that dominate of a conference. You have athletic directors around the country wanting what is going on in the SEC and the proof is in the recent hires. Auburn, Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas have all lost coordinators this off season. Every job opening in the country has came with rumors of some highly paid coordinator in the SEC being targeted. Currently there are several hot names still being used in connection with unfilled openings. Justin Wilcox, Tennessee's defensive coordinator, is being rumored for every west coast job that opens. Also, Ellis Johnson has been rumored for the Southern Miss job; sorry South Carolina fans but it is true. We know that Auburn has lost both of their coordinators, Malzhan to be the head coach at Arkansas State, and Ted Roof leaving the Tigers for Central Florida. You also have former Gator offensive coordinator Charlie Weis leaving the to be the Head Coach at Kansas. Plus, Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain leaving the Tide to be the head coach at Colorado State. Lastly, Arkansas's offensive coordinator Garrick McGee is going to be the head coach at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. All these moves are just recent ones around the crazy coaching carousel that is college football in December. All across the country there are former SEC coordinators running college football programs as well. So this brings back the great debate of how good is the SEC really? Does the media over-hype the league or is the SEC really that good? It is possible the media over-hypes the league, they do love the SEC as much as Tim Tebow. But for all the skeptics out there who get tired of the SEC's dominance and coverage, think before you question the league. Because it's your athletic directors that are after these SEC coaches and the greatness they have achieved. For SEC fans, you should be worried about your assistant coaches leaving your program, it is inevitable that some school will come after your coach. When this happens, and the money and situation is right, they will leave, and that just means there is another university trying to be the SEC.