Last week we warned you about this winning phenomenon that was about to sweep over SECJams on Mondays, and today marks a very historic day being the first one ever. There are a lot of factors we considered before giving out this award each week. They include the following; magnitude of the story, the impact on the community, the impact to the university, and most importantly did the program, university, or person WIN.

This week’s award will go to the LSU Tigers Men’s Basketball Team.

They defeated then number ten Marquette last Monday night 12/19 in a dramatic win. This win is probably the biggest win in Trent Johnson’s tenure at LSU, because the team has not had much success since he won the SEC Championship in his first year with the Tigers. They started the game trailing by 13-0, when Coach Johnson went to the senior leadership on his team, and asked them to bring them back. The senior led team stormed back by Storm Warren and his incredible throwback dunk, which made me want to scream boomshakalaka to take the lead the game at the half. n the second half, it was a Tiger sophomore that stole the show, when Ralston Turner closed out the game with two three pointers and two clutch free throws in the final four minutes of the game. Turner finished with 22 points which is a season high for the sophomore, and one away from his career high that came this time last year against Mcnesse State. Turners’ big game and the help of three seniors Warren, White, and Bass led the Tigers to their fifth straight win and an upset over number 10 Marquette 67-59.

This game may prove to be a huge turnaround for the tenure of Coach Johnson at LSU. Since his first year with the Tigers where he took them to the second round of the NCAA tournament and a SEC regular season Championship in 2009, his teams have been bottom feeders for the last two years in the SEC and NCAA. This year got off to a rocky start as well for Coach Johnson with three bad losses to Coastal Carolina, Northwestern, and South Alabama. Since the South Alabama game the Tigers have won 6 straight games concluded Christmas week with a 67-58 win over North Texas. This Tiger teams seems to be a tuff senior led bunch of guys, who are very hard nosed and will not back down from a fight. If Trent Johnson can keep this he will keep his job for another year in Baton Rouge, and might be a sleeper team to watch for at the start of league play on January 7.

So the first week the WINNING Award goes to the LSU Tigers Men’s basketball team who is on quite a roll with six straight wins, and an upset over then number ten Marquette.