presents SECJams Live Chat, a Thursday night Tradition.

We have started multiply traditions for you to follow as the coverage on our site has expanded, and this will continue the streak of great traditions. We will be hosting a live open forum for SEC fans and sports enthusiast to talk about anything with the writers of The weekly chat will be held every Thursday at 8:00 PM est. to 9:00 PM est. on is a great host and very user friendly you can log in on your phone, computer, or with the coveritlive app at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Thursday nights. Three options to chat; go to the click here button below if you want a new window opened with the chat in your browser, You can also just simply follow the viewer at the bottom, Lastly, Download the app for coveritlive and go to the live listings and look for Bro’s Going Hard SECJams, if you do not see it on the first page simply search for it and it will appear. Then just get in on the conversation and talk sports with your favorite writers at