As promised today starts Day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas SEC Style!

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Two New Teams and One Rematch


The SEC will welcome two new teams to the conference starting on June 30, 2012. Texas A&M and The University of Missouri  will play all sports in the SEC, with A&M in the western division and Missouri in the eastern division. These changes were covered in a previous article, "Landscape of College Football is Changing," which we suggest as a must-read on the site. Here is some random knowledge on the two that might win you some bets. Texas A&M is located in College Station, Texas, with the sixth largest enrollment of universities in the United States. A&M was founded in 1871, and has 20 sports that will be competing in all SEC sanctioned events. Their university's colors are maroon and white, and they go by the Aggies. One tradition is the 12th man, a tradition that the fans created, by showing their support to the 11 players on the field. During this tradition, the students will stand the entire game. More traditions they will bring to the SEC: Our Midnight Yells, the Friday before home games, yell leaders, maroon outs, boot line, where the seniors welcome their team back on the field after halftime. They will also add another live mascot to the SEC, Reveille, who is a female collie. The Aggies will bring with them their fight song, the Aggie War Hymn, which is attached at the bottom. The Aggies play their football at Kyle Field which holds about 83,002 people; they have been playing football here since 1927. Finally, the Aggies will bring the term Gig Em, and SEC fans might love to hate this one the most. What you need to know about The University of Missouri: The University of Missouri is located in Columbia, Missouri and was established in 1839. Missouri will also compete in all sports in the SEC after completing the conference move. Missouri brings their nickname the Tigers with them, to make the third school that uses that title. The university's colors are gold and black, and do not worry; it is not like the ugly Vanderbilt gold. The will bring with them their mascot, Truman the Tiger, named and founded in 1986 after President Harry S. Truman a Missouri resident.  The Tigers bring their fight song, "Every True Son" or "Fight Tiger"--it has been seen both ways--also located at the bottom. They play their football at Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium which seats 71,004. Missouri and Texas A&M bring great traditions to the SEC. So, on this the Second day of Christmas, we must thank our true loves again, for on the Second Day of Christmas our true love brought to us two new teams and one rematch.

Be sure to look at Day 1 if you have not, and Day 3 will be here tomorrow.