Kentucky will play LSU today at 12:00 p.m in their first step to defending their SEC Tournament title. As we get closer to NCAA Tournament time it seems that the same old questions are coming up. Are you afraid Cal is cheating? Can Cal win it all with all of these "One and dones"? Will Cal be ran out of town if he don't win it? Well, the first and last questions are both ridiculous. The second question shall be answered soon enough.

This bunch is different. They are freshman, but they don't appear to be. They are tough in a different kind of way. They have battled adversity on the road and overcame it. They have managed to set their ego's to the side for the team. The best player on the team (Anthony Davis) has taken the 5th most shots on the team. They enjoy playing defense as much or more than offense. To me, these are all things that it takes to make a Championship team. Are they beatable? Sure they are, but the formula is there to bring home that 8th banner.

*There appears to be about 15,000 Kentucky fans in NOLA. If you are there don't forget to check out the Anthony Davis billboard!!

*I made an appearance on Will Hamill and Todd Wakefield's "Bros going hard" radio show last night. (Apparently I talk funny)

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