Bowl season begins for SEC Teams on Friday December 30th, yes this Friday. With bowl season pressing down, we decided to take a minute and review the history of the SEC in BCS games.

First off, the Big 10 leads in all time BCS bowl appearances, but has a losing record and only a 45% winning percentage. Now that we have disclosed that, let’s move on to the winning conference. Once this season concludes, the SEC will have sent 23 teams to participate in 22 BCS bowl games. By now, everybody knows the SEC has won 5 straight BCS Championships and is guaranteed a 6th.

What’s not discussed as much, is that the SEC is about to win the championship for the 8th time; this will be out of 14 BCS sanctioned championship games. Finally, as a conference, the SEC is also doomed to pick up its first defeat in a BCS championship game, moving the record from 7-0 to 8-1. Some could say you have become a victim of your own success Mike Slive. The SEC has sent 7 of their 12 institutions to BCS games, winning 15 times and losing only 6. Florida has participated in 6 BCS games, accumulating a record of 5-1, and is currently the club house leader. LSU will tie Florida at 6 when they square off with Alabama, their 4th appearance 1-2 all time, on January 9, 2012. LSU however, already has 5 wins to a tune of 5-0 to date. Auburn and Tennessee both have made 2 appearances in BCS games, Auburn 2-0 and Tennessee 1-1. Georgia is 2-1 in BCS era Sugar Bowl contests. Next, the hogs; Arkansas made their 1st BCS game appearance following the 2010 season with a loss to Ohio State, a game Ohio State cannot claim as a victory.

Finally, here are a few fun facts. The SEC has sent multiple teams to BCS games every year since the BCS expanded to 5 games before the 2006 season. Here’s a trivia question to win you a free drink at your local establishment: BCS games have been played in how many different Stadiums? The answer is 7. Here is one more for good measure: the SEC and Big East are the only conferences to have a team participate in the games at all 7 stadiums since the BCS formed, post 2005 Sugar Bowl was in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome (Georgia’s loss) and the 1999 Orange Bowl was actually played in the Orange Bowl (Florida’s win). Bowl Season is upon us, enjoy it!