Not so much breaking news here on by the time I have a chance to post, but point shaving allegations have risen against the Auburn Tigers basketball team. According to Yahoo Sports, Inc. anonymous sources and said the FBI began an investigation in late February centering on losses to Alabama on Feb. 7 and Arkansas on Jan. 25.

NCAA officials say they are "very concerned" by the allegations and have been in contact with the school and federal investigators since the issue arose last month.

"The NCAA takes any allegation of point shaving very seriously because sports wagering threatens two of our core principles -- the well-being of student-athletes and the very integrity of intercollegiate sport," the NCAA said in a written statement Thursday. "As allegations of point shaving, if proven, are also potential federal crimes, the NCAA will defer action until any process with the FBI has concluded?"

Yea yea we get it.. poor ole Varez Ward had screwed it up for all of us over some dolla bills… Yea I said it…

Wonder who the “anonymous” source is? Could it be Harvey Updyke or a Newton relative (did I just say that)? … hmmm..

Oh well, I’m sure we will hear about this over and over till A-day.


On to basketball tonight against Ole Miss:

Well it looks like the point shaving bad news bleed over to the basketball team tonight aka bad karma. From the beginning it looked like Coach Barbee’s team was playing catch up the whole time. Then after the half there was glamour of hope, but Ole Miss was too much for them.

Nick Williams came out like a beast and scored 22 points, with his previous career high being 21 points.  He had 9 out of 14 in shooting and had four 3 point shots. Both Denson and Gabriel had 11 points for the game and the team, as a whole, was terrible at the rebound.

With this win for Ole Miss, they go on to play Tennessee tomorrow night, but do they have a chance? Not likely, but this is March Madness right? Anything can happen!