Wow, can we “Stepped UP”.. what a game!  After what I wrote in the previous article, I need to take it back. Looks like Auburn (15-15, 5-11) didn’t let the Alabama (20-10, 9-7) game get to them and the beat down prior to this game for LSU (17-13, 7-9) still carried over. Auburn never let up the whole game. Plays were executed and the defense stepped up. With that said, now we enter into the SEC tournament playing Ole Miss (18-12, 8-8) on Thursday Night at 6:30pm on the SEC Network.

What do we have forward this coming Thursday? During the regular season the 10th-seeded Tigers and seventh-seeded Rebels split the season series and played 90 minutes of basketball with the margin being a combined eight points. So who will have the momentum going into this game? I’m going homer on this one. With Auburn having a ton of confidence after the LSU win I’ll give them the advantage going into Thursday. I know Ole Miss won their last three games, one of those being Alabama, but I think they’ll choke.  After losing the last game to Ole Miss in the regular season I don’t think the Tigers will let this happen again. Butthurt is a-comin!