All week long leading up to last nights game verses rival Ole Miss - Mississippi State senior point guard Dee Bost did nothing but talk trash. To the media, on twitter and probably in the bathroom - Bost constantly ran his mouth about what would happen when his Dawgs traveled to Oxford for a crucial SEC basketball contest.  The end result highly resembled what Bost was predicting as the Rebs ran the Dogs off their home court by the tune of 75-68.

Andy Kennedy's Rebs (12-6, 2-2 SEC) played arguably one of their best games of the season, led by Reggy Buckner's game high 19 points.  The Rebs out shot, out hustled and out played Stansbury's Dawgs (15-4, 2-2 SEC) in every phase of the game.  And I'm sure they even trash talked better. “Buckner was the difference in the game tonight,” Stansbury said. “They got more from him than I’m sure they anticipated.”

And Dee Bost? Well lets back up. Bost earlier in the week proclaimed “We in Oxford tomorrow lol,” .  Bost also said, “We’ve got a lot more experience than them,”  “I feel like our guards are better. We have a lot of playmakers.”

And when asked before the game about his trash talking Bost was quoted as saying, “Everybody talks trash, especially during the game,” Bost said. “I’m just starting it off early on Twitter.”

Props Dee! Your a senior point guard, the leader of this team and I feel you homey. You getting the boys and the fans fired up, right?  But your gonna show out in the game, right? WRONG!! Bost dropped a whopping 16 points and 6 assists as a bucket load of those points came in the final minutes.

Ok I'm not against talking smack.  I do that from time to time on the tweet machine but if you talk you better produce.  I'm not into this thing called bulletin board material. Thats highly over-rated and if you think it does matter you've probably spent your time on a couch watching games and not playing.  But in the event that you talk - you better back it up.

Now Stansbury's Dawgs must regroup quickly as they travel to Vanderbilt this weekend to play in their 1944 style gym. For Stansbury, he needs to do a few things before this weekends game. One, take twitter away from his players, AGAIN. Two, tell Bost to sack up, quit talking, produce and be the leader on the court - not in an Eminem smack off type way. Three, pray.

The way this team played last night eerily resembles those same Stansbury teams from years past that have a ton of talent, but underachieve when the lights come on and they are needed the most.

The only talking that needs to be done, is in that locker room and I would start with Bost.