The Honey Badger Phenomenon; Has it hit you yet? Well if your name is Aaron Murray the answer to that question is yes. The Georgia Bulldog was pictured in a Honey Badger shirt that pictured a honey badger and underneath it said “He Don’t Give a Sh*t”. This shirt is just a mild reference to the huge phenomenon that has it the U.S.and college football. It also references LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu who was nicknamed the “Honey Badger” by LSU fans. We will give Aaron a little credit that his shirt was red and black, and was more a reference to the YouTube video, than LSU’s version. But I am not sure that bulldog fans will give him the same free pass that we did. These are the same fans that have had a great coach like Mark Richit on the hot seat since being hired, but that is for another day. For now the Honey Badger phenomenon has taken over the University of Georgia and their star Quarterback, but has the bug hit you yet? For the guys at it has taken over our lives.