Day 7 of the 12 Days of Christmas!

 On the 7th day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Good news for 7 SEC coaches, 6 in a Row, 5 SEC teams into March Madness, 4 National Championships for LSU, 3 bowl wins for Vandy, 2 New teams, and one rematch.

 The recruiting “dead period” is upon us, and to give the coaches a break Santa is going to bring good news to seven schools. Santa is going to give 7 SEC Schools a top 15 recruiting class. These schools includeAlabama, Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, South Carolina, and Georgia. Currently, the SEC has 8 teams in the top 20 including, surprisingly enough, the Vanderbilt Commodores. However, Santa was already good to the 'Dores so don't be greedy. For the rest of those teams and their coaches Santa is guaranteeing them a top 15 class.

Alabama is back on the recruiting trail, and Coach Nick Saban might have one of his best classes to date. Currently the class is ranked number two in the nation only behind the Texas, Longhorns. However, I do not expect that to last. Look for the Crimson Tide to finish strong and jump the longhorns for the number one signing class in 2012.

 Florida is still achieving great things on the recruiting trail even with all the negativity coming from the program. The class currently sits in the number four spot nationally. The Gators are coming off a terrible season, and have recently lost their offensive coordinator to the Kansas Jayhawks’ head coach position. There has also been several players leave the program this offseason, which makes us think there is turmoil within the program. But Mushcamp is still doing a tremendous job selling recruits on the Gators, and should lock up a top five class.


The LSU Tigers presently sit in the number five spot in the current recruiting rankings on It makes another outstanding class for Les Miles and his LSU coaching staff. I would expect them to gain or lose a couple of big commits after the results of the National Championship game. These results will keep them in the top ten, and might guarantee them a top five class.


The Tennessee Volunteers are currently ranked number ten, and yes that might come to a huge surprise to most around the SEC. You are probably thinking that the recent turmoil in Knoxville that it would affect this recruiting class, but since the end of the season it has only gotten stronger. Dooley must be doing a lot of living room litigation to seal the deal with recruits. The Vols will close out and have a top ten class in Dooley’s third year.


Somehow Gene Chizik has salvaged his current recruiting class despite the departures of both his coordinators. Auburn is currently ranked in the thirteenth spot on, and with only fifteen committed, expect the tiger’s numbers to grow and possibly jump into the top ten.


Steve Spurrier has just finished the best regular season in the Gamecocks history, and with a bowl win, this team will have the most wins in the school’s history. His recruiting class at South Carolina currently sits right on the mark at fifteen. Do not worry Gamecock fans; with room for some more players the Gamecocks will easily have a top fifteen class.


Lastly, the Georgia Bulldogs are the only SEC team that Santa is going to reward a top fifteen class that is not currently in the top fifteen. Mark Richt has his team sitting at sixteen this week. They also only have 16 players currently committed to the Bulldogs which leaves a lot of room for improvement. Expect the bulldogs to finish strong like always, and do not be surprised if they crack the top ten.