All my life I have watched the Missouri Tigers play football on Saturday's. And something I remember most is the traditional block "M" on the side with the 3 stripes down the middle. This is going to come to an end, the traditionalists will have to learn to like it, that includes me.

Without giving details on the change, which Mizzou was studying before the SEC move, coach Gary Pinkel said the uniforms are "off-the-charts" and have resonated with recruits. "They went crazy," he said. "Those are 18-year-old kids, and (those concepts are) what we're recruiting against and what we're playing."

"I would like to think people know that I have a deep respect for Missouri football, OK? I know the history of that helmet, I know everything about that helmet," he said. "But we chose to take the `M' off the helmet. "That's because studies showed that MU's most distinct icons are the word "Mizzou" and its Tiger-head logo. And nationally, he added, the "M" is easily confused with Michigan or others. - Head Coach Gary Pinkel

The jersey's have yet to be revieled to the public, but there have been glimpses of what they could possibly look like. Here's an example:Blurry glimpse of Mizzou's new uniforms.