The University of Missouri has been churning out NFL prospects left and right the past couple of years. You may remember last year's draft when Aldon Smith and Blaine Gabbert were taken early in the first round. Gary Pinkel may not be able to recruit the elite talent that some coaches have access to, but he turns 3 star prospects into college stars, and eventual NFL stars.

Michael Egnew - Tight End, 6'6 240 lbs, Sr. Projected Round - 3rd

Egnew is a former 1st team All American who watched his stats drop due to a less experienced quarterback and just an all around less pass driven offense in the 2011 season. He has the perfect build and great hands. I think it would be a steal for any NFL team looking to improve their recieving corps.

Jarrell Jackson - Wide Reciever 6'1 185 lbs, Sr. Projected Round - Free Agent

Jackson is an outstanding athlete, who has been hampered by injuries throughout his career at Mizzou. He has great hands and is being called a great fit for the slot position in the NFL. In the combine he was the top wide receiver in bench press reps with 22 and he was also the top wide receiver to run the 60 yard shuttle. In fact, Jackson finished second overall in that event.

Dominique Hamilton - Defensive Tackle 6'5, 320, Sr. Projected Round - Free Agent

Dominique Hamilton was dominant when healthy at Mizzou. He has put on about 15 pounds since the season ended, which has caused scouts to just drool over his stature. 6'5 320 is a large man, and could do some damage in a 3-4 scheme.